Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gaming 4 Charity FAQ

Q: What is Gaming 4 Charity?

A: Gaming 4 Charity is a charity event hosted off multiple sites featuring a series of broadcasters playing multiple games for five days.

Q: When does it start?

A: The starting date for Gaming 4 Charity will be on Thursday, June 23rd @ 6 PM PST.

Q: How do I join in?

A: Contact RENCAMO by emailing with the following format:

Game(s) I'm going to play:

How long I will play for:

Q: Do I need a capture card to join?

A: No. You can use anything you wish to capture what game you're playing. A webcam, a capture card, XSplit, so long as it gets the video on your screen, you can join in.

Q: Where will the charity money be donated to?

A: All funds go directly to Child's Play Charity.

If the channel you're broadcasting on has multiple broadcasters, include this in your email.

Any other questions can be emailed to

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